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What makes Lágrima vanilla so amazing?

Everyone who has smelled, tasted and cooked with Lágrima vanilla extract comments that it is amazing (we are truly flattered). They always ask "How do you do it? What makes your vanilla so different?" To this our answer is four things:
  1. Amazing Ingredients
  2. Time and Process
  3. Passion
  4. Design.
Let's look at each of these:


Lágrima vanilla extract is made from single-source organic vanilla beans. We decided to launch our flagship vanilla with Uganda vanilla beans. These beans have excellent vanillin content (the main ingredient that gives vanilla extract its flavor). Additionally, our Uganda beans create a sublime flavor profile that possesses both a characteristically deep, earthy vanilla aroma and the sweet, high-notes that we instinctively recognize when they tickle our nose and palate. Just like a rose - you know vanilla when you smell it.

Many people don't know that most extracts require alcohol to draw out the flavor. At Lágrima we have searched both local and international sources. Today, we use a top-shelf Swedish Vodka for our extract. In this area, we are constantly experimenting to find the perfect extraction alcohol for our beans. In 2014 we will introduce Bourbon and Rum-based extracts. Imagine the desserts and cocktails you can whip up with these!

Time and Process

Our process is slow and gentle. It takes four to six months for our slow, cold extraction to be complete. There are certain things we wouldn't dare to imagine doing to our vanilla: heat, water, extractives (chemicals or additives) or mechanical processes to break down the beans. We know the best things in life are those we wait for. As a result, please expect some scarcity in our product as we want to release our small batches only when they are ready for you. 

One more thing here - every bottle includes a handful of fresh beans. This means that as the vanilla ages on your shelf it keeps getting better - just like wine. We pull a small reserve off of each vintage for release five to 10 years from now. The result will be exquisite. Keep your Lágrima cool and out of direct sunlight. Rather than placing it over your stove for display, try a nearby shelf or counter.


This isn't a factory folks! We are hand-crafting small batches of artisan vanilla extract. Every ingredient, process and handling step is considered. The best life has to offer is in these bottles: family and friends, love and happiness. It doesn't get better than this.


For us, there is no higher calling than bringing something beautiful into the world and having others experience it. Lágrima has taken the opportunity to craft every element of the experience. From the packaging to the bottle, the pop of the cork to the first pour. We are bringing something truly unique to the world. No longer is vanilla extract a utility in your pantry - it is a conversation. Something to be loved, shared, talked about and enjoyed thoroughly - in short: A Reason for Emotion.

Please -- tell us what you think makes Lágrima amazing. Would you share your impressions, thoughts, stories and recipes with us?

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