If you have a foodie or baker on your Christmas list, please get them Lágrima Vanilla Extract. Pretty please because they will never go back to generic or store-bought vanilla extract after they taste how real vanilla transforms a recipe.

Blahnik Baker

One item I received that really made a big impact was Lágrima vanilla. I pulled it out of the cupboard about a month after IFBC and used it in a recipe. Quite frankly, I can’t even remember what I baked but I do remember thinking what a difference in flavour it made in the final product compared to the vanilla I usually use. Also, there were vanilla beans inside the bottle. Very cool.

Gotta Get Baked

I used Lagrima pure vanilla extract. Lagrima was one of the sponsors at IFBC 2013 this past weekend, and they offer a truly excellent product.

Baking a Moment

Their tag line, “A Reason for Emotion,” rings true. An exquisite vanilla can take a dessert from ordinary to extraordinary…and these cookies flavored with Lágrima pure vanilla extract brought warmth, smiles and contentment to all who sampled them. You can see why their logo is a tear…tears of joy come when eating baked goods made with Lagrima vanilla.

That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Lagrima Vanilla is a local, boutique vanilla producer. The vanilla is smooth, without that bite that comes from most commercial vanilla. They use Ugandan beans and manufacture just a few cities north of me. I hope to check out their production facility someday and share that adventure on my blog.


The wonderful people over at Lagrima kept telling me how amazing this recipe is... They didn’t lie about this being the best biscotti recipe. It’s a little more time consuming, but well worth the wait. The almond and vanilla combination is out of this world!

One Sweet Appetite

And I did use a new product from the conference- my sample of the Lagrima Vanilla. It was very good and I went on the heavier side of the recipe, which my husband said he appreciated - so I was all the more pleased about the flavor.

Tricia & Nana Cooking With Dorie

In this recipe, I used Lágrima pure vanilla extract which is by far, the best vanilla extract I have ever tasted. Made with single-source organic vanilla beans extracted in top-shelf spirits, it is like liquid gold.

My Other City by the Bay

I’m completely hooked on Lágrima, one of the tastiest vanilla extracts I have ever tasted and the vanilla extract that is used in this specific recipe. I used tablespoons of it for this cake, since its smooth feel and neutral flavor is beyond pleasant. I even used the vanilla bean that’s inside the bottle to boost the vanilla flavor even more. To learn more about this beautiful product and to enhance your vanilla experience, be sure to check out the Lágrima web site.

Sweet Lab

The special ingredient was from another local company that I was introduced to during the International Food Bloggers Conference. Vanilla from Lágrima. The magic of vanilla is its complex flavor profile and ability to enhance other flavors. In this case, I relied on the dark, earthy flavor of the vanilla produced Lágrima from Ugandan vanilla pods to intensify the earthiness of the mushrooms. Abracadabra!

Leig Holson. Meal-Time Maven

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