Pure Vanilla Extract

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Introducing our first product. The result of months of research, design and lovingly crafted production.

We believe vanilla extract can be a beautiful conversation piece, not just an ingredient. At Lágrima, we believe you should only put pure, whole foods into your body. As the creators of a premium artisan vanilla extract, Lágrima bring you THE ultimate vanilla experience, from the field to your table.

Our vanilla is made in small-batch editions from only the best, single-source organic vanilla beans with a controlled process where quality is our top priority.

What makes Lágrima so different? We bring you the complete premium package:

  • Single-source organic vanilla beans extracted in top-shelf spirits - you'll know the difference once you have tasted it.
  • Beautiful packaging and design in tall, clear Italian glass bottles with a natural cork top.
  • We include a handful of fresh organic vanilla beans in every bottle - the foodie in you will know what to do with these.
  • Large volume - 200 ml (6.8 oz) is 40+ teaspoons.
  • We are artisans just like you - our story is your story.
If you believe in pure ingredients and an experience worth talking about the Lágrima is for you.
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