Lágrima… Food with feeling! It is not just about taste… it is a matter of intent.

Lágrima started with a belief that when things are made with thought and intent, quality increases and enjoyment by others is enhanced. "A reason for emotion" was the driving force for the name "lágrima", which comes from Spanish (a language deep in the roots of both the company's Californian location and its founder's origins). It means "teardrop" and it is used for all matters passionate... Including food. Teardrops are the essence of the expression of ultimate enjoyment. "Tears of Joy", represented by the Lágrima logo, are what come to those who experience the sublime emotion of culinary satisfaction. It is also vernacular for a drop of liquid. When you ask a Spanish cook how much honey or oil to add to a dish being prepared... If the measurement is based on subtle feel, and of small proportions hard to measure... rather than using something soul-less like "milligrams", the subjective "una lágrima" is the most likely response.

Also, when a wine taster is trying to discern a bottle's alcohol level, she will raise her glass and after swirling the liquid, she will look for the telltale runs down the sides... known as "lágrimas"

You may wonder if there was a soundtrack to all this adventure... But of course. Federico Tárrega's Lágrima!


The people behind Lágrima



The perfect natural element to describe Rebekah Beam is fire. One so deep it burns slowly, unnoticed for ages.

After meeting her, one may describe Rebekah as shy yet charismatic, tender yet driven; all true. Her inner fire drives her in ways many only dream: A ballerina with a worldwide resumé, her feet bare the marks of Bolshoi, Kirov, Chicago, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest. As if that wasn't enough, this veterinarian and accomplished orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeon proves her grace may only be rivaled by her intellect.

Lágrima's own muse would tell you that no matter what her achievements, her most sublime fire burns as a loving mother, wife, sister and friend. When you meet Rebekah, search beyond that quiet exterior and experience the warmth that has touched the lucky few.



Strap on your running shoes, take a bite of your energy bar and just try to catch our visionary, Neil Beam. His family only half jokes about his turbo switch, while trying to keep pace with his never-ending energy.

With a passion for cooking and fine cuisine, one understands how the inception of Lágrima began in his own kitchen. His comedic nature has family and friends calling him silly, and the crazy shirts (Hawaiian-style is his signature) make watching this "idea man" a really good time.

It's easy to see how Lágrima has come so far, so fast - with Neil generating and implementing ideas at warp speed.

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