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Not just for desserts anymore!

Did you know that vanilla extract has many uses - and not just for desserts? Let's take a look at a few ways you can use vanilla to enhance your everyday culinary pleasures:

1. Savory dishes

Vanilla is an amazing flavor "enhancer". It brings out the flavors of meats and is an excellent ingredient in marinades. We tasted a Vanilla Pork Empanada at  Little Water Cantina that made our mouth water. We believe there are few other things in this world that make everything taste better - even bacon! Have you ever tried Bacon Wrapped Scallops, braised with vanilla? The perfect example of a sweet and savory combination.

2. Cocktails and Drinks

Imagine a vanilla bourbon manhattan or a vanilla rum piña colada. We are experimenting with rum, bourbon and vodka based vanilla extracts and can't wait for the mixologist in you to go crazy with vanilla drinks. In the mean time, we love a drink called the Vanilla Daisy, made with Lágrima vanilla syrup. Check out the recipe here.

3. Flavor enhancer

From coffees to smoothies, vanilla is a great for enhanced flavors. Just add a teaspoon or so to your favorite drink and experience the bliss. Our café con leche was taken to a whole other dimension with a little splash of Lágrima vanilla extract.

4. Desserts (of course!)

Most desserts include some measure of vanilla extract: cake, cookies, whipped cream and (our favorite) vanilla ice cream. Where do you think those little specks of flavor in vanilla bean ice cream come from? We tried flambéed peaches with butter, brown sugar and our vanilla - the result was both fun and tasty. 
As we compile our favorite recipes together to publish on our website, we would love submissions from our readers, foodies, mixologists and bakers. Send your ideas to recipes@lagrima.com and we'll give them a try. If we love them, (And really, who doesn't love anything made with vanilla?) we will post them on our recipe page for everyone to enjoy!
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