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Our First Vanilla Party: November 9, 2013

What does a Lágrima vanilla party look like?

In the leading role we have Jesseca Hallows of One Sweet Appetite supported by Ashlee Prisbrey of Topsy Turvy Cakes. who did everything from selecting the venue to making soup and name tags to getting ingredients, gifts and flowers not to forget sending invitations and personally inviting everyone to attend.

There was a cast and crew of volunteers with photography by Chelsea Peterson Photograhy (all photos are attributed to her).

During the party we made Nonna's biscotti -- and because this wonderful treat bakes for 30 minutes, twice, we had time for a delux grilled cheese bar and a chance to talk all things vanilla. Most importantly, we made meaningful connections with people who share our values and vision.

Thank you everyone for attending -- this was such a special time for us and Orson Gygi in Salt Lake City is such a special space to host the event.

Thank you again Jesseca, Ashlee, Heather at Orson Gygi, Chelsea and everyone for joining us.

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