"Tears of Joy".. That is the genesis of Lágrima.
We want to move you. Our mission is to craft and curate the best gastronomical experiences available that will awaken both your emotions and your body. Foods that propel you and motivate you to experience life in all its fullness.
Born at the intersection of Californian, Spanish and Mexican traditions. Lágrima foods exemplify the joy of good living. The ecstasy of appreciating something so delightful, so delicious, so nutritious, it brings tear of joy to our eyes. Lágrima (the Spanish word for tear) embodies that passion by distilling those beliefs in the making of simple, yet delightful, healthy foods and condiments. We move your soul!

We strive for organic ingredients, for fair-trade procurements, for best ethical practices, for healthy products crafted with the utmost attention to detail.
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