Pure Vanilla Extract 200 ml (6.8 fl oz)


Title: Artisan, small-batch pure vanilla extract

Lágrima Pure Vanilla Extract is made from 'single-source' organic Ugandan vanilla beans with outstanding flavor, aroma and color. We have perfected our slow-extraction flavor process without heat to achieve an amazing palette. Lágrima Pure Vanilla extract is excellent for both baking and cold preparations with an uncanny range: bright, sweet floral notes matched perfectly by a distinctive smoky flavor.

It makes us smile when our customers tell us Lágrima takes their preparations to a new level - many can't go back to their 'standard vanilla'. Lágrima will appeal to your sensibilities - organic ingredients, fair-trade procurement, for best ethical practices, for healthy products crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Consider Lágrima for gifting as well - beautiful packaging and fresh vanilla beans in every bottle are a novel delight.

Ingredients: Organic Vanilla Beans, Alcohol - that's all.

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